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Cloud-based network monitoring and reporting - powered by Highlight

  • Enables Sales, Operations and Service Managers to See Clearly through a single pane of glass

  • Provides accurate, impartial evidence of applications and network service performance across all locations

  • Creates trusted advisor relationships between service providers and their corporate customers

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This is Highlight

The service assurance you need

  • View your network, applications and services in real-time from a single graphical interface

  • Collaboratively manage service performance with customers using unique heat tiles

  • See clear and easy-to-understand information with advanced customisation

  • Shared visibility of services provide maximum transparency and openness

Designed for you

Whether you're a service provider, or an enterprise IT team, Highlight caters to the unique pressures you face.

A simple picture

Highlight maps a wide range of metrics and tests results from several device types, and maps these intelligently to a simple picture.

The surface of Highlight

N-Layer multi-tenancy

Designed from the ground up to securely manage hundreds or thousands of customer accounts. Highlight's high-performance network explorer tree lets you effortlessly navigate between estates.

Data digging made easy

See your whole estate from 30,000 feet, or drill down into the details with historical trends and patterns, whilst retaining maximum information clarity.

Key features to differentiate your offering

  • Heat Tiles status screenshot Heat Tiles

    The visual essence of Highlight, which updates in real-time to show critical issues arising in your network

  • Reporting functionality screenshot Reporting

    Receive service assurance data on demand or schedule reports to be delivered to your email inbox on the 1st day of the month

  • Performance tests screenshot Performance Tests

    Run several tests for credible evidence of network performance for assurance that everything is running as it should

  • SLA Now feature screenshot SLA Now

    SLA Reporting is made easier with quick and clear templates plus exclusions of events to make sure the data is accurate and transparent

  • AppVis screenshot AppVis

    Quickly identify all applications on your network and understand how vital services are performing

  • Broadband Clarity Details screenshot Broadband Clarity

    Tame unruly broadband connections with visibility of rate adaptive broadband connections

Effortless scalability

Whether it's 500 devices or 50,000 devices that need monitoring, Highlight has carrier-class scalability to support your business growth and changes.

Exclusively SaaS

Start monitoring your network and applications right away with the potential of zero capital expenditure. Highlight is hosted in Microsoft Azure.

That's not all...

Intuitive user interface

Built with the non-technical user in mind so you can get to the data you need with ease, through simple dashboards, designed for flexible and secure sharing.

Monitor on the go

Whether you’re at your desk or on the move, Highlight's dashboard displays perfectly on laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Highlight benefits everyone

You don't have to be an engineer to drill down through clear, graphical information, to understand and manage performance issues.

Highlight is designed for users of all departments and technical abilities:

Service Manager Persona

Be proactive and drive faster issue resolution

Customer Service Manager Persona

Go beyond the SLA and boost customer satisfaction

Sales and Accounts Manager Persona

Reduce customer churn and increase up-sell opportunities

More about Highlight’s Managed Services

Managed Services from Highlight

Let us take care of your professional services and administrative needs with 80+ years of combined expertise.

Managed Services are available in four tiers. You decide how much involvement you require from us:

Cloud package
Engage package
Managed package
Managed Plus package

We keep our partners at the forefront of our business by offering expert advice and support to ensure maximum benefit from Highlight

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