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Highlight enables unique business performance capability

Highlight monitors and measures network and applications are performing and delivering value to you and your customers’ business.

Highlight is an independent, reliable, secure service that shows the network and application performance in real-time.

Unique and easy to use graphical information enabling non-technical people and engineers make better decisions in real-time and in future planning.

Highlight overview

  • What we do

    Highlight monitors the technologies your organisation relies on, in real time, 24x7. We measure the services you buy from external providers, and internal IT, and give you simple, clear business-level visibility of what’s happening

  • Continuous testing

    Highlight uses cloud-based collectors, or small remote agents placed inside your network, to continuously monitor performance and health. We’ve tuned the testing to only collect what’s relevant, and place negligible load on your technology

  • Cloud processing

    Collected data is encrypted and sent to our cloud platform, where it’s checked for problems, processed and stored. There are no servers to install, or complex software to maintain and upgrade

  • In depth-reporting

    From a browser, anywhere – a clear, real-time or historical picture of what’s going on. As an enterprise, you can control the sharing of this business-level visibility, either around your organisation or with your Service Providers

  • Improve your business

    Delivering the best experience to your customers means knowing how your technology is performing, whether that’s your own IT, or the increasing list of Services you buy-in. Highlight delivers that visibility, simply and clearly

Highlight shows the network and application performance relationship

Highlight monitors and measures the network and application technology, providing easy graphical data concerning the:

  • Load on circuits and routers 
  • Stability of the connections and devices 
  • Health of the WAN infrastructure 
  • Trend data, enabling issue resolution and planning
"In control every minute of your day"

Highlight's Continuous Collection

Once activated, Highlight collects health information and runs performance tests, in real-time, to ensure everything is performing well.

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Highlight uses SNMP and Flow technologies to collect information.

How is information collected?
Information is collected directly from network devices such as routers and switches by our cloud-based pollers or via a small remote agent placed inside the organisation’s network

Flow data
Received continuously by our Collectors and massively compressed so it doesn’t clog up your network.

Typically collected every three minutes – quicker than most competing products – and we keep full, granular data for twelve months as well as summarising it to make statistical reports available for up to two years.

Complete coverage
Alongside this, Highlight can check a wide (and growing) range of technologies and applications, including Email, Web Sites, Database and Application Servers, and networks carrying Voice / Telephony.

Continuity of collection is very important for us
We use resilient collection and testing to ensure that what you see is clear, continuous information with every minute of your day, week and month accounted for.

Highlight is a Cloud Service

Highlight require little to no capex, and is engineered to ensure negligible load on the network

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Full unlimited visibility that won't weigh your system down

Easy setup
If you’re monitoring a private network from one of our partners, for example, or keeping tabs on publicly-visible services, Highlight requires zero extra hardware or software – you simply subscribe to the service. Extend Highlight’s capabilities to cover technology inside your organisation, it’s just a few clicks to download and install one of our Remote Agents.

Less is more
Our ‘Less is More’ philosophy extends to how we interact with your network and technology. Whatever the route, Highlight pulls data using technologies like SNMP and Flow, or carries out its own end-to-end performance tests, collecting very granular information with carefully-engineered queries that put negligible extra load on your network (typically less that 0.01%).

Highlight Data Security

Our collection architecture uses secure encryption whenever data passes outside your (or your Service Provider’s) network.  

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Your data is in safe hands

Tried and tested
Highlight provides visibility for a huge range of organisations, from banks to government departments, and security is a major priority for us. Highlight needs minimal, controllable access to network components including some standard SNMP MIBs and any Write access – for example, to run performance tests using Cisco IPSLA – is rigidly limited. Any data that passes outside your, or your Service Provider’s, network is encrypted using industry-standard techniques.

Encypted collection
Our collection architecture has been designed to use AES or HTTPS encryption wherever data passes outside your (or your Service Provider’s) network.

Highlight makes complex technology easy for decision makers

Our heat tiles have easy to understand icons and traffic light signal colours that give an immediate indication of the health, load and stability of infrastructure and applications.

Issues are clearly seen on a geographical and service affecting basis. Three mouse clicks take you from an easy overview into the detail of a real-time problem.

Unlike engineering and operational tools and utilities, drilling down in the Highlight performance management application doesn't drop you into difficult to understand engineering data.

All information is presented in a clear, graphical style making your business performance management easy.

The engineering detail is there, but only if and when you want it.

"Information you can understand, through a browser, anywhere"

Information for everybody

Highlight's cloud service, provides access to a single source of clear actionable information for both you and your partners

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Translating gigabytes of data into straightforward clear reports

Share data
If you use Highlight to monitor services you buy in from external providers, you can give those providers access to Highlight’s reporting on just those services : perhaps the IP network they deliver, or the cloud applications they provide.

Improve relationships
Imagine how much this improves a relationship – both sides looking at exactly the same, clear, impartial picture of what’s going on. It’s a great basis for good, informed conversations and planning, rather than arguing over two different perceptions of reality.

Controlled access

Highlight offers full control over who inside or outside your organisation has access, and what they can see. Customise behaviour at each level of your business.

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Give different levels of organisation the visibility they need

Complete flexibility
Unlike most products that are recent converts to the ‘cloud’ thing, we’ve been operating as a service since we started out in 2001. This means Highlight is completely cloud-smart, designed to give you complete flexibility in who accesses the system and what they see. Plus, because Highlight is a cloud service, you can access reports or get a real-time picture of your technology wherever and whenever works best for you.

Customisable at every level
We have main partners who resell Highlight to other partners, who in turn resell to their Enterprise customers, who in turn give regional IT managers visibility of the Technology that concerns them. Users and managers at each level have visibility of all the structure beneath them, and Highlight lets you customise behaviour at each level through our powerful, inheritance-based ‘local parameters’ system. Get a complete picture of your technology for yourself; or give regional IT staff access to just the areas they need. .

Application Awareness

Application Awareness

A suite of tools to provide insight into the performance of business critical applications wherever they’re hosted, to manage shadow IT and contain cloud sprawl, ensuring that every customer interaction is a good experience.


The latest addition to Highlight’s Application Awareness feature set enables quick identification of all the applications running on your network.

Understand how vital applications are performing; particularly the growing use of unauthorised cloud apps.

Product sheet: Application Awareness - AppVis

Detailed application data from AppVis™ provides improved:

  • Visibility
    of all apps in use at individual locations in near real-time
  • Management
    of cloud apps that deliver enterprise value and management of corporate data to prevent loss of information or security breaches
  • Experience
    ensure every digital customer interaction delivers a good experience
  • Planning
    Improve capacity planning based on application usage data
"Gaining insight is a pre-requisite to taking control"

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