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How Highlight helps others to improve their business and user experience. Interviews, videos, case studies, white papers and more...

Interview with Andy Bates

The Public Sector CTO of Verizon EMEA talks about how Highlight enables their business

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  • Interview with Andy Bates

    Interview with Andy Bates

    CTO, Verizon EMEA

  • Accelerating Performance Montage

    Accelerating Performance

    Hosting Event

  • Interview with David MacFarlane

    Interview with David MacFarlane

    Managing Director, Gamma

  • Interview with Andy Gomarsall

    Andy Gomarsall
    DIR, N2S

  • Interview with Andy Scutt

    Andy Scutt

  • Interview with Mike Constantine

    Mike Constantine

  • Interview with Pete Bowers

    Pete Bowers

  • Interview with Richard Thomas

    Richard Thomas

  • Highlight Corporate Video

    'See clearly'

“Highlight gives us and our customers complete transparency of network and applications performance. This allows both parties, on a minute by minute basis, to understand where problems are developing at the same time.”
Andy Bates  - CTO, Verizon EMEA

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